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At full power the ringer volume is very low.
When it vibrates at very low vibration.
An idea?
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I know, it's really irritating. One thing about Nokia phones is that first and foremost they should be good PHONES. In my view the low volume of the ring (and vibration) on the N9 breaks that rule. It makes it a bad phone. I miss calls and messages regularly because of this.

One consolation is that as far as we know, the speaker itself is capable of higher volumes, but the ringer is set artificially low. There may be a settings somewhere that can increase it, at the risk of it sounding 'vibration-y'. Also a firmware update may improve things, we have to see.

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I have found a temp solution for the ringer volume.
go into terminal as root
password: rootme
then type alsamixer

keep pressing right until you see PreDriv.
press 'k' to increase to 100, press 'j' to decrease.
press 'ESC' to quit.

This increases the ringer volume by quite a bit, although it is slightly distorted. Still better than missing calls!!!!

Apparently upon reset alsamixer resets itself so some script is needed to adjust this on startup. If anyone can help with that it would be awesome!
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Might be one to add to almehdi's universal script
Not sure if it sets any start-up scripts yet, but it should be possible to do that via it.
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i had the same problem but now is goos..try this...when you are on the screen where you choose the music press the volume bottom until the highest possible....usually is less than the middle that's why the ring volume is slow...
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Thanks much Rexii, N9 loudspeaker is much better now, strangely enough, I had no up and down key on my terminal, had to navigate using "n" on the keyboard
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@Dabbu101 i had the same problem but found a solution. On the top right corner there is a grey dashed button, click on it, in the new windows on Toolbar click and select arrows instead of shell. Then you can use the right/left arrows and it work!
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I will probably have this in my next version of n9tweak
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this was done to the N900, isnt there a way to save the changes made?
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Any easy solution to this yet? I'm missing a lot of calls cuz of this!

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