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MWKN Weekly News: 28 November 2011

Stable release of Community SSU OS updates for Maemo 5 and N900

Christian Ratzenhofer has announced that the stable branch of the Community SSU for Maemo 5 has been created. He says the stable CSSU had been
mentioned on the forums about 3 weeks ago, and I'm happy to announce that it's finally here! [...] We're trying to achieve an as close to stock Maemo experience as possible in terms of stability. The stable CSSU contains those packages from testing version 16.8 which were deemed stable. Basically nearly everything but modest/tinymail and the camera-ui replacement.
This is a big day for Maemo 5, where end users can now be encouraged to install a community-maintained version of Maemo. The "testing" branch will continue, and braver users can help everyone by using that and helping report bugs and assess packages' stability.
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In this edition...
  1. Front Page
    • Stable release of Community SSU OS updates for Maemo 5 and N900
  2. Applications
    • Nokia N9 gets copy and paste support in Terminal
  3. Development
    • Wiki for Python on MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan moves to
  4. Devices
    • Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on Nokia N900
  5. Announcements
    • ContactLaunch allows adding contacts to N9 application grid
    • Incredible Circus game for Nokia N9
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