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Hello All

I am new to this site and really not sure of what I'm doing or how I got here, but I do have question about my NEW Nokia N800.

1st - Call anyone tell me where I can find a Text 2 Speech program for this device? I know there has to be someone somewhere out there working on this. On the Nokia site they have one but not for this device.

Thank you in advance for any and all help on this issue.
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Grab a copy of flite --- it should be available in the default repositories, and if not, enable the disabled ones. (Can't remember it off the top of my head, and the device is at home.)

That said, only apps with flite support (IIRC Maemo Mapper) will do much with it.

What do you want to do with TTS?

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I use TTS to read small text to me. My eyes are bad and I don't always carry my glasses (comfort issues), Also, I use Text Aloud on the PC because I spend long periods of time on the PC reading text and my eyes water. Plus I like to listen to the computer read the paper to me.
Its also good when I'm writing, for proof reading.

Thanks for your suggestion
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Anyone working on TTS...

Text to speech going to be the big things as it difficult to read all file PDF etc. especially when we can't control the text size directly...

Wine under Ubuntu "text aloud" working fine. (personnel tried and testing)

Overclocking can also help to process the data... anyone tried to install the text aloud on n900..

when the running notepad under wine is very slow.. No idea will wine will able to run the text aloud...

if anyone able to run this or any other TTS please share... the steps..

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