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I am new to this forum and I didn't know where to post my problem. So, I decided to post here.

Well, I have n900 handset and for a couple of days, whenever I open any application or menu, display hangs for a couple of seconds. For example, if I close an application through tast manager, then it will be closed but the final animation will be stopped for a second or two. This is very annoying. I thought this might be a problem with graphics in handset but its not because all the movies and games run smoothly. Cpu usage is also normal 0-2%. I thought this might be a problem with some software I have installed. Recently, I haven't installed any software for few weeks and the problem started to occur a couple of days ago.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Hi! and welcome. Not sure about the phone lag issue, but you may want to consider re-starting it (worked for me whenever I encounter any lag).

By the way, you did not mentioned if it was a brand new N900 or resale unit? For the latter, maybe try reflashing or something to clean up the contents.
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restarting does the trick, but it problem comes again after some time. I think I need to flash the phone.

Thanks a lot
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try check if you are running on current firmware version.
Settings-About (or something similar
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Hello Dude, I'm also newbie here and enjoying this outstanding discussions.

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