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Can a USB compact modem be used from a Nokia N810 for internet access where no wi-fi or cell phone service is available??

This question seems to boggle the minds at Nokia, but I do travel a lot and there are lots of places without wi-fi or cell phone access, but those darned wireline phones still exist!!

Any ideas??
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Yes and no. Yes it can technically work, but no, we dont have drivers for it....yet.

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I run a bluetooth dail up modem with my N810 that I purchased on Ebay. This little device gives a good 50 foot range that is perfect for checking sites, email and whatnot. Not wifi but better than nothing.

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I'm not at all sure we don't have drivers... I have no such modem, or I'd play with it, but there's a lot of .kos around. Certainly a USB-RS232 or BT-RS232 and an old-school external modem would do nicely...

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This works well via wifi[Looks like a good idea, but they don't seem to be available anymore. I did find a company - ENR - that makes pocket modems that is coming out with a cigarette pack sized BT modem with a built in rechargeable battery. Looks promising for those of us who travel and can't always find our way to non-wireline access ]
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Most USB modem works well via Wifi, these 3G USB modems are as small as possible for traveling.
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recently HUAWEI E586 available on market, become tha mobile hotspot, it is the hottest after E583c, is there anybody using this? ask for help to unlocked my Three E586, tks.
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Originally Posted by mdanehart View Post
I run a bluetooth dail up modem.
That sounds like the Zoom 4300 BT modem, which is still available on Amazon at

Amazon's title just calls it a fax modem, but if you read further down the page you can see that it works for dial-up internet as well. That listing has used items only.

Unused ones can be bought at a much higher price under a different Amazon listing:

Like mdanehart, I bought mine on eBay. I don't find any on offer there today.

EDIT, 2012-01-01:
Sorry, I didn't notice that I was replying to a post more than three years old. The thread came up on the first page of the N810 forum, so I just assumed it was an active topic. It seems that someone revived it for reasons unconnected with the earlier posts in the thread.

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I am using a vodafone K4605 usb modem now, it supports 42.2Mbps HSDPA and HSUPA 11Mbps speed, it's still good useing.

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