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I have a TomTom Mini MkII Bluetooth GPS that seems to work like a charm with my N810.

So far the Maps app and Maemo Mapper work excellent.

Yet I am trying to configure Kismet to use this new GPS.

I noticed /dev/rfcomm0 is listed and I tell Kismet to use it, but it just seems to make Kismet crash.

Has anybody ever done Kismet with a Bluetooth GPS on the N810?
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I'm posting a reply as RedPenguin reached out to me after he followed my tutorial on configuring Kismet on the N810. At his suggesting I obtained the TomTom MkII and got it working with the n810, miniGPSD, and kismet. I updated my tutorial with that information. Also, RedPenguin posted his solution to manually get the GPS device working with Kismet on the forum. Providing both links.

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