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Originally Posted by ~phoenix~ View Post
hy there....

i got my n900 on the EU-Release date a few jears ago.... after 2 years my usb port broke of...

i got it fixed a few times... but at least i bricked my n900 and could not reflash it .... because i dont had an usb port anymore.... i also could not get a connection through the testpoint....

now i have a SE xperia Arc ... with android.... and i can not descibe it with other words... I HATE IT!!

i miss the smoothness of maemo, the open beeing which maemo has, the ability to customize what i want...
i miss the fm-transmitter...
i miss the hw-keyboard, that tiny RGB-led, and i miss that crappy stock mediaplayer which is better than any android player...

so now i am searching for a new nokia n900 (or a used one in good condition) ...

and have a question .... what changed in the last half year?`i did not read the newsposts.... or any other sort of info about maemo....


I see you are in my neighborhood. Here in Slovenia you can get from individuals new N900 (just bought or unused) for about 200 . Phones have receipt and 2 year warranty. Here are some still active ads:

200 , ad from 20th Oct 2011

210 , ad from 21th Dec 2011

230 , ad from 8th Jan 2012
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Welcome back, young one
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Welcome back!
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nice post Dave
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Old topic kick day? Lol

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