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Hi all,

I just got a free N810 WiMAX today for research (won't go into that yet), and I'm trying out Clear's WiMAX service and so far it hasn't been that bad.

However, I've been wondering about tethering this thing. I don't find much for the n810, though I find a bunch for the n900

Is the n810 just incapable of providing a tether or is there just no software for this? I am going to be modifying it a lot potentially so I wouldn't care about complicated procedures if they work.


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Never tried it, but you could check
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I've been tinkering with this myself recently. To the best of my knowledge, no one has written a Joikuspot-like application for the N810. (Joikuspot turns N900s into a personal hotspot).

How did you activate it? About a month ago, I went through an infuriating exercise with Clear. Their website only displays non-whole-month options if you are connected via the Clear network.

I tried two browsers on the N810 and neither would properly render the sign up forms, so it was impossible to check 2 of the terms and conditions boxes. I called sales and tech support and after 2.5 hours of trying to get them to take my money for a week pass, it became abundantly "clear" that the ONLY way to activate for 2-hour/day/week passes is online and there is no human being who can help with this. </rant>

There is also another package I saw during a search once that someone developed for the N900 that was intended to do what Joikuspot does. I gather that it requires a particular kernel with some NAT module built in.

From a networking standpoint, that doesn't sound like all that difficult a proposition. I haven't spent a lot of time in the Diablo kernel yet but conceptually, you can probably get by with just NAT out the WWAN interface. I doubt that Clear is doing too much in terms of user-agent string monitoring and it doesn't look like there's really any analogue to the NAI parameters like you have with mobile phones.

One tip for N810WE people that threw me for a while:I believe the Nokia system software distribution was updated to include a newer Clear-compatible WiMAX frequency table but the version of the system software upgrade was not in any way incremented. I downloaded the same version I was already running, flashed it, and poof - I could see access points again.

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