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I don't know if that is the place to suggest this..but

The N900 should be able to show what the phone (cell phone, home phone, work) is calling for the caller ID and not only the name / photo of the contact. Is there a way?

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There are a few things I still haven't figured out with the phone software. Obviously, I've looked about on M.O. and T.M.O. and I may have overlooked relevant items. Also, a lot has changed since much of the Wiki was written, so some things might be possible now that weren't then, yet remain undocumented.
  • Is it possible to paste numbers into the dialing pad, without opening the kb to press Ctrl+V. Is there a menu somewhere I'm not seeing?
  • Call from webpage: microB doesn't seem to recognise telephone numbers in web pages. Opera, on the other hand, does recognise that these numbers are telephone numbers but does not invoke the phone software. e.g. See Google's office addresses in microB and Opera. The html (line 912, according to leafpad) is very ordinary looking but interesting to see the difference in interpretation between the two browsers.
    • Is there a way to get microB to "see" (and potentially use) phone numbers?
    • Is there a way to make Opera associate the phone software with these number-strings, so its capability of recognising numbers can be put to good use? Somewhere in its about:config?
  • From the dialing pad, I can get [1] to work as a speed dial key (voicemail). Can this be achieved for the other numbers?
  • Small point but I thought the word was "dialing", not "dialling" as currently shows. The former follows standard spelling rules (double vowel, therefore one consonant before -ing); possibly the latter is en-us? Is there a way to change this?
  • Pressing a letter on the kb from the desktop opens the contacts list filtered to that letter; and, pressing Fn+(Num), enters this number into the dialing pad. However, press & hold a valid number key from the desktop does not have the expected response of opening the dialing pad. Do I have an inappropriate expectation here?
  • Is there a technique to dial 'p' and 'w'? Not hugely important but odd it's missing.
  • Although I have extended call log installed, it doesn't seem to show how long a call lasted for. What's the best/easiest means of accessing and displaying the duration of a phone call?
Many thanks in advance for help/suggestions/answers. Links to answers are good enough - no need to rewrite information already available.
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#5. Shaking phone for whatever purpose is not a comfortable way to interact with it, imho.
#11. I would prefer to make "Turning Control" faster for those who find it taking too long to invoke the phone app. Though, hardware button dedicated to phone would be even better.
#27. Dial-pad would be clattered if space and brackets were added to it. And writing brackets manually would be time-consuming. However, an option could be added: form of display of phone number in the textfield. Like, in a calculator you may turn on/off digit grouping for number. Similar option should be in phone app for telephone number.
#32: Call duration to each call. Is the application to be changed open-source or closed-source? It should be simple to code, if it is open-source.
#34: Add an option to clear a single call entry. The same question as in #32.
#38: More versatile vibrate settings. Agree. If vibrator supported this, I would have thought about changing intensity of vibration, either in settings, or by volume/zoom slider in silent mode. Theoretically, it might be possible to use different vibration patterns for different events.
#41: Extras uses for the notification light. What component is responsible for the patterns? It should be implemented directly in it, without additional battery-draining daemons.
#46: Voice identify the caller. What about "espeakcaller"?
#47: Use swipe/flip action to answer calls/silence alarms etc. The alarm is already snoozed by flipping the phone.
#50: Auto retry of failed call attempts. Would be nice.
#51: Close phone app when the screen is locked after ending a call. A list of apps might be made which would be closed on screen-lock. Image-viewer, for instance.
#52: Add MMS by Default. No, I am against bloating the OS. However, the problems within fmms should definitely be researched and fixed.
#53: Paste and send DTMF tones when call in progress. Agree, it would be useful.
#59: Shake to answer/end a call. The same as #5.
#61: calling phone numbers from browser or notes. MicroB supports "tel" and "callto" links. Other browsers are quite poor at handling anything, from telephone links to .deb files. X-Terminal offers to open an http link in MicroB, but doesn't offer to open a tel or callto link in MicroB, though it should.
Best wishes.
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