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Hello, I am working on a robot project with a N800 connected, through Python, to an Arduino & Bluetooth servo controller.
I am not very happy with the Nokia webcam for the vision and I want to stream the video from a better quality USB webcam . The best quality picture I had with embedded Linux board was with the Sony Eye Toy (Ps2) which require the module ov51x.ko (version: 1.65-1.11-mark).
I have been trying, since weeks, to build this module with Scratchbox but I had too many issues, didnít find a good tutorial and I am stuck.

Can someone kindly compile this module for me? I need it for OS 2008 (Diablo). The driver can be find here:

Note: I already tried to install the ov511 module from: , but didnít succeed to make it work with my Creative lab III (black screen with mplayer).
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Hi, are you still interested in maemo/robotics? Please stop by #osc on
find . -name \*.mp3 -exec mplayer -quiet -shuffle "{}" +
das ist your media player, and yuu vill like it

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