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Originally Posted by shawnjefferson View Post

I picked up a used N810 from eBay a couple of months ago (for about $100 US) after seeing it mentioned in another forum. I have to say, I really like the device [. . .]

I tend to use it mainly for Internet surfing, some emulation, occasional email, the occasional quick game. I have Maemo Mapper which looks nice, but don't use a GPS app very often, I don't use it for music either.
I'm also new to the party. I was looking for a very small WiFi device to give to my wife for her use accessing Skype and email while traveling outside of the U.S. (Because most iPad or similar tablets are too big and because most smaller devices are sold through cellular phone company and require commitment to a cell phone contract, the choices are somewhat limited.)

I found an apparently new N810 which looks like a factory refurbished unit as it came shrink-wrapped with its Nokia OEM screen protector packed in a Nokia branded box but with only the earphones and charger -- no quick-start guide or other accessories.

It took me about two weeks of poking around the site and a couple of other places to get enough information to upgrade the operating system, install some basic applications, add the removable mini-SD memory card and load some music, videos, and reference PDFs.

I liked it so much, I found another one, gently used but complete with all docs and accessories, and have acquired it to keep for myself.

One of biggest problems I had was finding the drawing that shows the functions of the various buttons and switches. The user manual, which can be downloaded from Nokia, explains the OEM software suite but has no graphics showing the what and where of the physical device.

Now that I have the quick start guide which came with my second N810, I have scanned the diagram and would be happy to upload it to as a jpg or PDF if some one would suggest the best pace to put it. (There once was a copy linked from one of the maemo posts elsewhere, but the link no longer works.)

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