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Originally Posted by tigas View Post
Nokia has stopped making the N9, the shells are all being used to build L800s
Where did you get this information ?
Should I but a new N9 to for reserve ?
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Originally Posted by godofwar424 View Post
Why be so single minded?!

No matter what you say or do, MeeGo and Maemo does lack the commercial support as Nokia already killed MeeGo before it was released and it didn't really give Maemo 5 a chance to shine either with limited support!

Android has the amount of apps people desire, and they would like to have an N9 or N900 because they also love/like Maemo/MeeGo for its open ness!

The open ness is what makes things like an Android mod possible! So by putting Android on the device, it generates publicity of the N9 and how open it is! May even get a few people to buy the N9 because if they do want the amount of apps and games, they can always switch to Android.

Everybody wins so why do you guys have a problem with something that doesn't affect you in any way and can only make the device more popular and in doing that, better!
Depends. It affects a bit when people are whining here and flooding the board because they are too damn *@# and messed their device(s) up, and this is for the most part of it not an Android-related board. I.e. long story short: it doesn't affect my device, but it affects the interaction with this site and its forums to some degree.

Btw: Do you see talk about Maemo on XDA? No, because they neither sponsor nor want it.

I would probably more ok with it when the result would be more technical and therefore interesting talk, not mostly whiny / demanding texts that sound like they are (support) requests made by teenagers.

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Originally Posted by tigas View Post
Nokia has stopped making the N9, the shells are all being used to build L800s
Sources or just another BS?
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go for real droid if you want it badly dude,
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Search before making new threads
Originally Posted by ammyt View Post
Fact: NITDroid is built on a CyanogenMod core.
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Yeah, N900, didn't really consider people would misinterpret me like that.

And also what the others said, i love maemo, def best mobile OS, but sometimes i just wanna veg out with some games, and there is nothing!
eg, the kairosoft games, they're brilliant. (game dev story, world cruise story, basically all the "story" games)
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N9 shells cannot be used for L800 since L800 has a camera button.

Is it reasonable to assume that Nokia is unable to order the right quantities for each? Especially for something in the 2 dollar range?
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Originally Posted by vakkov View Post
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So I'm curious that why is CyanogenMod settings, theme chooser, draw-down tweaks and other CM-specific functions NOT available?
And how to prove it's a CM core? Just by the boot animation in N11? Man I can fake that myself... I'm somewhat noob at hardcore linux especially (de)compiling (or I would try and make my version of NITDroid) so please point it out for me.
Best regards.
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NITDroid is not based on CyanogenMod. It's based on AOSP.
...due to historical reasons... and very specific deployment requirements for NITDroid (we don't use many 'standard' Android features while boot, recovery etc).

P.S. Distro with CM boot animation is fake CM (and binary crap by nature). Every time you install it kittens die.
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