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Originally Posted by mikecomputing View Post
And whom is sponsoring this site again!?

If you think OSS is runing without any companys then youre really naive.

The companys is needed. And my point stays MaeGo/Meltemi seems to be doomed. Nokia have to show the next billion and QT ASAP!!! Or else no devs will continue support it.

OSS is good. But we need proffesional apps to..
I do kinda agree with your sentiments...
Which is why I ranted here after the unhelpful responses we got from QGil:
I won't be confident until we hear about "real" devices & massive dev programs akin to what's been done for Nokia WP's.
Anyway, thread must die....

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Meltemi-step 6 of 5

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Originally Posted by mikecomputing View Post
Priceddrop of N9 in sweden. N9 is dead in sweden very soon. If I had some money I would buy some more as backup...

My guess is PR1.2 is not out before N9 is dead.

I have no hopes left for N9. Even if its a good phone.

The "Maego" era is pretty soon over

Actually I dont see any hope on Qt the next billion is also not comming it seems.

Howevere Qt is still alive and kicking as opensource project but I doubt we will see any GOOD new HW based on it.
Hmm, I also believe the N9 is dead, at least commercially. The prices have been sliced in half, and now it is selling, but what about the profit margins? It is only a matter of time, very short time, before it will disappear from the stores.

I thought Symbian was dead, but the N8 refuses to die, it is still up there on the lower end of the top 10. Belle is a huge improvement and in less than a year, it will receive Carla. The new camera monster will also come with Symbian according to rumors.

Lumia is selling well, and people are generally happy with it.

I guess I will wait for the elusive PR 1.2 before I switch (back) to Symbian/WP or perhaps I'l do like everybody else, get a Note.
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Originally Posted by quipper8 View Post
Meltemi-step 6 of 5
I am pretty sure we will see PR1.2 before Meltemi, maybe PR1.3 as well... oh wait maybe even Qt5

epic pr1.2, not today, not tomorrow

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