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windows 95 / NT 98 dont run well on n900 as they are not meant for arm architecture. however, windows 8 is designed for arm arhitecture. I am just curious to know. Will there be Windows 8 on n900? ...
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No. WP7 doesn't run on it, what makes you think Windows 8 will? They have very limited hardware support. Being closed source, likely nobody around here will want to work on it.
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maybe if you can run win8 in Pentium 3 computer.
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yeah. almost everyone in TMO hates WP. WP 7 or W8 are just tiles. nothing more.
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like others iterated. the n900 is the only linux phone of it's kind that is still relatively current. The n9 is close but not there (imo). There are hordes of phone running windows and android. Why would one wish to spoil the only different one by making it one of the bunch is beyond me.

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1ghz overclocked. 1gb ram (swapfile) well it will be a little unfair to compare n900 with pIII. windows 8 would support touch and ARM architecture. speed can be greatly increased by lowring resulution to 800*480 . if for fun sake one can boot windows 98 on n900. i am sure booting windows 8 would be more fun.
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has any one tried bluemaemo with win8 ? I am having problems with that . Can any one confirm if this is only me or something else is really not there in pre-release of win8 ?
Edit : okey I resolved it . It was me indeed .

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windows 8 rt native for arm maybe compiled for n900 jajja 1fps 2 fps perhaps..

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