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i got mine by simply asking for a microsim.

paid 25$ for it
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AT&T refused to issue me a microsim, since I was on prepiad. Solved the problem by swithing to T-Mobile
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Originally Posted by don_falcone View Post
But this is the US. they will probably ask questions, because you have to pay an extra here for smartphones that are getting attached to a plan. Are there feature-/dumphones available in the US that use microSIMs?

(btw, T-Mobile DE even charged me going from a 2001 SIM to a USIM in 2008)
For what it's worth, I had no trouble at all obtaining a microSIM, besides a lengthy wait at the store - I didn't even bring the N9 with me.

The SIM cutter would have worked too, but replacing the card seemed a bit more elegant.
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I did a bad cut on my mini sim so figured I'd better get a proper microsim. I had no problem getting a microsim at a corporate store. I just said I got a new phone that took microsim card and no questions asked. Don't know if they'll charge me or not.. though, forgot to ask.

Of course your mileage may vary, but give it a try. If they ask about the phone, just say it's a Nokia. I am sure no rep in US would ask further .
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Last week, I switched from t-mobile to straight talk: my contract finally ended. I ordered a nokia e5 instead of a micro Sim because I need a back up device. I went back to the t-mobile corporate store where I usually pay my bill to confirm my termination and lo'n'behold the sales rep was using a micro Sim cutter for a girl switching to an iPhone 4. The guy was nice enough to cut my straight talk Sim for free even though I was no longer with t-mobile. I will miss the best customer service in the biz but not their awful coverage in my area. The moral of the story is to call your local cell phone stores (not at&t) and ask if they have a Sim cutter or order a reputable one online. Shot out to someguy for the straight talk heads up.

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