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Originally Posted by user_nameless View Post
Um, a total newbie question coming your way ...

how does one update or even check for updates if you aren't in developer mode?

Also, how does one figure out which region one's N9 is from?

Once you've found your product code on the sim tray, go to this site and look for it, and you'll find where your country variant is. Mine happens to be Malaysia...bought through Amazon in te US. Go figure!
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Originally Posted by ZogG View Post
smells like pr1.2 is somewhere behind coner
It's unrelated as PR 1.2 N950s got the same updates.
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Home screen backgrounds worked after this update but it killed thp's fm radio app from I tried andytolst's radio app based on javispedro FM radio research and creation and after installing it with dev mode enabled and a reboot it works fine.
Here is the thread and the latest deb for andytolst's radio based on Javispedro's work.

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anyone else feels like the battery life has improved?
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No, no difference to me. I have updated like 6-7 devel tools I had on my N9.

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