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Hi all,
I have an Australian N9 (059K110). Some weeks ago, I flashed the PR1.1 and, by mistake, I used the ROM for the Russian N9 (059K100). Nothing happened, the N9 works perfectly as expected.

So, I have a couple of questions regarding the product code:
- what is it for?
- can I know which ROM product code my N9 runs which some simple operation?
- what are the risks to flash the PR1.2, for instance, by using a different product code than the one written on the SIM door?

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The risks are null, you're just going to void the warranty but if that does not worry you, then go for it.

I changed mine and now i have all updates the day they come out, OTA or NSU, unlike my old code wich received PR1.1 half a month ago.

It's not about patience, operator in my country are sh·· and they won't approve an update in months after the generic release.

I also get NFC wich is disabled in my country due to legal problems, tack and protect, and other things.
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