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Well it appears as though there is still some nice people left in NokiaHQ

As some of you may be aware, the Qt team are building support for the Pi boards within Qt5. In fact as they put it "Our main goal is to provide an image for an SDK to boot the Raspberry Pi, plus a Qt Creator plugin to connect your SDK with the board."

They have been so confident in there work that they have managed to get Nokia to fund 400 of the development boards too

Read more here at blog.Qt.Nokia

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goddamnnokia, it will be harder to buy devices @ first batch because of them

Seriously though, it's nice to hear ALIVE signal from last remaining gray cells there.

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So did anyone manage to get one of these?

It looks like the first batch has sold out already (Though there is one ****** on ebay selling 19 of them at 100% markup), but you can register an interest at RS Components and myabe farnell (but I can't load the site).
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I just ordered mine! Was told there is a 3 to 5 week delivery lead time...
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Hi registered my interest with RS but still waiting a reply from them.

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