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So I had some Calendars I had subscribed to with CalDav.

I unsubscribed but the calendars remained in the N9. For a start I think that is unexpected behaviour - if you unsubscribe to the calendar, it should be just gone.

I tried deleting all the events in each calendar (painstaking). Calendars still there in Manage Calendars view.

I tried editing the Calendar and there is no 'Delete' option but I tried giving it a blank name. That resulted in it defaulting to the name 'Calendar'. I then had 3 Calendars each with this same name (since I tried giving a blank name to each).

I then made each of these three Calendars inactive. And now when I try to edit any one of them or click on any one of them or move and one of them back into 'Active', the Calendar application just crashes and quits.

Is there a way of just deleting the calendars in the filesystem somewhere, without screwing up the device?
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I faced the same problem when trying to delete CalDav calendar. Try to delete first your CalDaV account but be careful the first time I got a message, something like the process was not finish, please wait unless you will have some undeleted calendars (I had to restore my Nokia)
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I have not found any easy way to delete them, only way i was able was to delete the whole calendar.db (calendar database)
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will do, & thanks.

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Strange, I have deleted a CalDAV (google) calendar in the past, I actually had created a new google calendar which didn't show up, so I figured I just delete the existing Caldav account.

After then seeing the calendar was really gone, I recreated it - just to find the new google calendar had still not been added - and then I realised I had to set google calendar up for use with my "iPhone"....

Anyway, no problem to delete the calendar/caldav account for me...
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Originally Posted by ynnad179 View Post
All right, I managed to remove my junk calendars by:

- Copying the file "db" from /home/user/.calendar to my PC
- Editing the "db" file (it's a SQLite file, so just use GUI/whatever you prefer)
- Copying it back to /home/user/.calendar (don't need root/super user)

How to remove junk calendars from the db file
In the table Calendars, you will see a list of calendars (Device, MfE, caldav). Note down. the CalendarId of the calendars you want to delete. Afterwards, delete the records of those calendars

Then, you have to remove ALL calendar entries in those calendars. Do so by removing the entries in the Components table. You may just want to use SQL commands like DELETE FROM Components WHERE Notebook = '<calendarId>' to save time.
(Tech note: the Notebook column in the Components table stores the calendarId.)

Then save the file, copy it back to your phone and it's done! Tested on my N9, PR1.1.

Jaylst: wanna add this to the tips and tricks? it'll be easier if someone just comes up with a script or something like that though!
Strange, I can't find any file inside the .calendar folder
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Originally Posted by ynnad179 View Post
- Copying it back to /home/user/.calendar (don't need root/super user)
Did you flash to an open kernel to do this? Otherwise there is no way to access the dir b/c of permissions...
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Use Inception and opensh. Worked for me.
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Originally Posted by ynnad179 View Post
I didn't... somehow I just could will check it out soon.

EDIT: Damn you Nokia! Seems like PR1.2 and/or the devtools update blocked access to the db file. Great work, Nokia!

Seems like we got to root the phone just to do this.
Well, I just found out that I can type "develsh" and not "devel-su" and I got full access to the folder and meta.db. Amazing!!

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