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MWKN Weekly News: 5 March 2012

Enabling Google Talk video calling on Nokia N9

With the release of PR 1.2 comes a very welcome software addition - Google Talk Video Calling. Simply download the application from the store and it integrates with your existing GTalk account. Initiating and receiving calls worked well in your editor's testing.
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In this edition...
  1. Front Page
    • Enabling Google Talk video calling on Nokia N9
  2. Applications
    • Visual updates for gPodder on N9 under development
    • Open source Password Generator for N9 available in Nokia Store
    • Drop Cache for N9 flushes disk cache, preventing data loss and freeing memory
  3. Development
    • Mer-based IVI Hardware and UIs
    • Penetration tools for Harmattan
    • Hardware accelerated OpenGL ES on N9 in Java VM
  4. Community
    • Intro to Tizen and the Future of the Community: Dawn Foster's FOSDEM talk slides
  5. Devices
    • Problems installing N9 apps or updates?
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What is the criteria for judging whether or not submissions will be included in MWKN?

I tweeted to @mwkn in what I thought was the correct format information & a link to pyOBD, but it was not mentioned in this edition of MWKN.

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