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I am as real as you want me to be the N9 is real.

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Originally Posted by specc View Post
Nokia may very well survive with their Lumias. [,,,]
NYT article about MyFord / Ford sync, an in vehicle system supposed to provide a unique (sic) interface to the vehicle...
[...]the system, known as MyFord Touch and developed with Microsoft[...]
“It’s an idea that I don’t think really belongs in a car to a certain extent,[...]It is a very complex system that they’ve put in, that works great if you’re in a showroom and not having to look where you’re going.” [...]
a year later, [Ford buyer] now a stay-at-home father, has run out of patience with MyFord Touch, having taken the car repeatedly to his dealership for help, to no avail. He said the navigation system often malfunctioned, the rearview camera frequently stayed on while the vehicle was moving forward and the system randomly rebooted. The voice controls typically do not work until the vehicle has been on for five to 10 minutes, meaning short trips require dialing phone calls by hand, only to have the call cut off when the system finally starts up, he said.[...]
who on earth (in his or her right mind) would wanna miss that, right?

Originally Posted by specc View Post
[...]They see competition between N8 and 808. [...]
808 pureview is the successor to the N8
hardly any chance of competition there...

rather between the 808 PV & Lumia version indeed...
if later ever comes to fruition, that is
wp fanboyish sites have wet dreams about it, but i wonder how m@ke$$h!t will be able to integer the PureView software... maybe together with three keys?
NOKIA only, that will make upgrades directly from m$ impossible?

personally i have already decided to get a 808 PV with my contract renewal later this year
possibly my last NOKIA
not that i'll use it for more then the N8, that is Camera function
thus the N900 will remain my... pocket computer with GSM MoDem ¦-)

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Originally Posted by elemental View Post
You can do it through HTTP as well.
Hate to dig up an older thread for one single point; however I finally purchased this.

Works great if I'm pulling from the N9. There's no way to push (upload) to the phone via HTTP through this app.

That was what I was talking about. It doesn't do it, yet bluetooth does work. I have my preferences. And connecting via USB on a Mac produces .DS_Store files in each folder I upload (read: annoying as ****)

Oh well, tried it out.
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