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I started a thread a while back about the possibility of wireless music syncing for the N900 (here). The PC Suite doesnt sync pictures on the N900 and Im not sure if ovi music works with the N900 (I darent touch it since it tried to double up my entire catalogue sometime ago!), nevertheless ovi music nor any solution offers syncing over wifi.

So I propose a program that would sync specified folders (between the N900 and Windows* using Rsync whenever connecting to your home wi-fi network (but with a configurable option for 3G).

Brainstorm here

This would allow syncing of anything you want and would be especially handy for music syncing, any new photos taken with the N900, easy video syncing.

Obviously syncing to existing playlists would be good too, however this makes more of a technical challenge.

It might be relatively easy as rsync/gsync work on the N900.

*initially via Windows I would guess, however using rsync, it should be similar for Linux/OSX

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Can't this somehow be done via OpenSSH and a scp client? - wireless of course

Maybe there's an option to sync two different folders.
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Originally Posted by Bec View Post
Can't this somehow be done via OpenSSH and a scp client? - wireless of course

Maybe there's an option to sync two different folders.
Have just been thinking - yes you probably could but (correct me if Im wrong) that method would effectively make the N900 disk available on Windows and would require Windows software to work? ie You would need to code a Windows programme?

If you used rsync it would work on the N900 independantly - ie rsync would access the server/folder on the network (either a PC or a NAS) and then sync.

Im not sure which would be the easier (or if Im making sense!) its just that someone mentioned it would be quite easy to do not sure what method he was thinking of:
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I'm not sure how to code it (could do a windows side of things, but not linux)

However, I do ave a need for the n900 to sync direct to network storage (NAS), so would prefer if there was no 'pc' sat in the middle controlling the sync process.

I fully agree with syncing of photos and all other media too (i especially want my mp3's), but it should also have the ability to choose what items to sync if possilbe
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I am not (yet!) an N900 user, but I'm doing something similar with my N800 (so hopefully you can do the same on your device).
Here follows what needs to be done:
1) create a share on your network which contains the folder you want to sync with. Mine is a Linux only network, so I'm using NFS.
2) when your N900 connects to your wlan, mount the network share. This is tricky, but all you need to do is to place the proper script in folder "/etc/network/if-up.d" (a little googling will help);
3) run rsync with the proper flags. Beware that if your is a SAMBA (Windows) share, rsync need a special flag to work correctly.


if [ "$METHOD" = loopback ]; then
	exit 0

if [ "`iwgetid -as`" == "xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" ]; then
  if [ "`ping -c 1 | grep "1 packets received"`" != "" ]; then
    mount -t nfs /media/edmini/disk-1/ >/dev/null 2>/dev/null
    mount -t nfs         /media/edmini/home/   >/dev/null 2>/dev/null
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You can download folders with their content from UPnP shares with MediaBox. It's just a one-way sync but better than nothing.
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sorry for offtopic, but i have been dreaming about daemon that sniffs if wireless or 3g connection is up, or maybe just wireless and specific wireless and starts syncing automatically pictures to your home server (or web server) in to folders made from images file dates. Also same thing with music and videos. So whenever you would come home N900 would automatically start syncing.

I think this guy planned something like that.

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I think we were discussing a similar question in this thread:

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