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Obviously I've broken something. It just won't work, I keep getting 'false' as return.

However, I got fed up with it. Since running the original memotoo-profile returned 'true', I simply edited the original in /etc/sync/profiles/service. I only added my account data. And presto, it works. So fast that I at first didn't believe anything happened. But it's all there. Phonebook, calendar and notes.

In hindsight, do you actually use a "" profile? Perhaps I should have named the xml as "" as well? I don't dare and test it, perhaps it messes up things again or duplicates every contact.

Alas, my solution was to edit the config in /etc/sync/profile/service. Not pretty at all, but it works.

Oh, also, and quite important: don't use http. Use as "Remote database".
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Glad you got it working.

I think where you might be having trouble with custom configs is that the xml filenames, the declared name inside the xml file and the dbus call all have to match.
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Originally Posted by quipper8 View Post
Hope that helps!
Excellent, thank-you, added to the guide.
Search for "SyncML"...
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I tried again, this time using filename It works fine now. Perhaps quipper can update his post, so others don't fall for the same issue.

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Has anybody managed to sync other calendar(s) than what is set up as "default calendar" in N9 calendar config?
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Originally Posted by quipper8 View Post
OK, here is my config that works.
Hope that helps!
Thanks a lot! I created similar XML files to use my own Funambol (FLOSS SyncML server) instance. This works just the same like your memotoo configuration. And like you said before: it is important to have the names of the XML files the same as how you name your sync and service definitions. It won't work otherwise.

Right now I only sync the contacts. Just a hint in case someone is using this with Funambol, too: The contacts "data base" in Funambol is by default called "card". Hence, the XML of the service definition needs an adjustment:

<profile name="hcontacts" type="storage" >
       <key name="Local URI" value="./contacts" />
       <key name="Target URI" value="card" />
Alternatively, one can adjust Funambol as well to call it "contact". The same goes for the other fields.

Unfortunately, CardDAV isn't supported (yet?) as I also run DaviCal for the calenders -- it supports CardDAV, too. However, now I have a pretty good synchronization infrastructure without being dependent on any other service, but my own server.

Does anyone know a way how to store one's password not in plain text in the XML file?

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hello everybody..

Well i am trying to sync my phone with my computer..

but i have an issue I can just sync the phone default calendar.

what should i do to choose an other calendar?

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i never tried it and have no idea if it will work, but maybe try changing the local database URI in your xml config
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I tried to sync with ubuntu 12.04

it seems to work a little bit.
i can sync contacts and notes and the default calendar.

I ve done it with the app "Sync"

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