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It is roughly the same as PR 1.1. My average drain was like 28-35mAh during in Pr1.1 now it's 28-30mAh in PR 1.2. However, it jumps to 65-85mAh for no reason during idle. A restart seems to fix it, but it will happen again.

Also, I can't shutdown the phone and charge it. If I do that, the phone turns itself on and charges.
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I'm working on black theme for PR1.2 so we'll drop that battery drain.
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Updated to pr 1.2 yesterday then full charged by noon. Mine's at 37 hours so far and still 22% remaining. Thats with light usage though, around 2-3 hours online/downloading/browsing, some texting and maybe 1 hour of calls. Mostly been playing with the phone and messing aroubd with settings since I received it. Battery is pretty good so far although its my first charge
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Originally Posted by jutley View Post
recieved my unicorn white phone monday charged 6 hours its now thursday morning and baterry level is at 51% this is nothing but amazing battery life for me i have been using light usage few calls a day and abit of wifi email checking etc.
update its now friday phone is still going on 40% general use each day will update in a few days again.
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idle time used vo vary with PR1.1 from 7-14 sometimes 150 now it's pinned on 7. So I say it has improved
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Originally Posted by Tetlee View Post
This thread could have done with a Poll, seems the majority are experiencing worst battery performace than PR1.1 to me from reading this thread.

Not sure if I'll update my new one when it arrives, as battery performance is upmost priority over pretty much everything else for me.
trust me do a clean update/flash and give it a day or 2 it will settle down i formatted my phone and flashed the new software and my idle consumption went to 3 mAh on power saver mood that is next to nothing and with light usage i got over 5 days out of it how ever using the GPS daily and checking E-mails and feeds using the phone with some gaming takes the battery life down to 2-3 days my average active consumption is around 200 to 250

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