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I have heard that some of the N9's did shipped a diff headsets other than WH901. As for the WH250 I have read bad review for them. They break easily.
I've got a Finnish Black 64GB model. The hands on reviews I've seen also appeared to have the WH901s, but who knows? It wouldn't be the first time companies have changed production lines. As for the WH250's, mine have been great for a 2 years. I still own them and they look like new. They get tangled a bit easily since they have a flat cord(which I happen to like), but it's a minor gripe. I can only speak from my experience...

Originally Posted by navot View Post
Also for the samsung galaxy headsets are they compatible at all with the N9? The N9 does not have the standard connectors at all so not just any 3.5 jack will work with them. I recently bought a puregear purebeats univ 3.5 jack and it did not work. I think the N9 is using a diff configuration on their 3.5, TRRS I think because it does video transfer as well as an output. You just need to buy the cables for it.
You've got it right. Apple decided to separate from the pack and reversed the stereo output and mic rings of the audio jacks they use. Nokia, Sony, and other companies initially followed the Nokia way(or whomever created this ring layout), but since all companies have changed(as you'll see with all future Nokia Lumia stuff, I'd presume the Symbian products will stay the same to avoid confusion).

One nice thing is the new Nokia Purity headphones include a detachable cable for either layout. They're basically mythical creatures still, but I'm glad they took it into consideration when creating them. I'd say read up on Everything N9's review of the Nokia Lumia 800 Entertainment Pack for more info on that.
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I use sony ericsson MW600 bluetooth headset. Its very nice as you can change the headset but you can still use the pause, fast forward, rewind feature. But, the only thing not working for now is that you cannot see the song in its lcd but so far all is good. I can receive calls with one button, play music. You can also change the earphone if you want and still use it wirelessly. I covered my 3.5mm plug since I do not use it.
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I have a CaseLogic AG++ (see a review at and am pretty pleased with them. Naturally, the wiring of the connector is for the iPhone, but it comes with a very sturdy and small adapter I just leave clipped on the bottom of the headphone cable most of the time.

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