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Originally Posted by SygicSupport View Post

we are sorry you experience such issues. We are investigating the cause.

Thank you for reporting the problem.
I had the same issue, actually also in Somerset, UK

But I'm pretty sure it's location independent...

Please fix the problems, I do not mind paying for good software. But it needs to be good then. The overheating, the freezing, the bad routing it does ... Not really there yet. But coming... I hope.
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I think it may be worthwhile to port Sygic aura to Meamo. If you compare to iphone or android there are other alternatives such as TomTom, Garmin or even Google maps that Sygic has to compete with for customers.

Even though the base may not be as large as the other platforms there isn't any competition for Sygic to get meamo customers. Ovi maps is pretty useless and the other alternatives arent exactly perfect yet either.

I think a good majority of N900 users would purchase it because it looks really amazing... Just my thoughts.

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Originally Posted by SygicSupport View Post

we made good progress in porting Aura to Maemo but we need to understand better what the way forward will be - Maemo vs MeeGo.
This is what I'm afraid of. I read this as we dont see Aura for Maemo. Sucks. But I understand the reason.
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i can't find sygic for maemo anymore. they seem to have stopped support for it. stopped offering it as a download.

also, if i can somehow find a download link to a version that works, would purchasing the latest map for my country work with the app?
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Is it possible to get a US map from anywhere?

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