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Any slowness is purely my fault. I fouled my scratchbox VM and have not had time to get back to it and fix things up.

My plan going forward is to drop in a dummy package to show a path to eff-shell. This will allow the new GUI to come in with the same package name (eff) but at a higher version number. It means that everyone who has the old shell version of eff will have to install the new gui. But I don't see any way around it.

If anyone knows a good debian packaging trick, let me know.
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i don't see why you need to keep the same name with the gui/qt version
the annoying part is already happening, where it's trying to force those that downloaded the gui version to downgrade. who cares if the ppl with the old version are "forced" to upgrade?
if they are really using the shell script, they can probably figure out how to stop the upgrade if they choose to.
also, why not include the shell script with the qt version? sorry, i don't really understand what you were trying to do with the packaging. if you can explain in any more detail, i'm sure someone can help...
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I am just trying to fulfill BLIZZARD's request. He would like to use eff as the name of his new version.

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I am sorry for bad English!
Respected BLIZZARD, I wish to add search of free frequencies through Desktop Command Execution Widget. What command should be registered in DCEWidget that widget has given out result???
Forgive, but to search for frequencies through Desktop Command Execution Widget much more conveniently than through X-Terminal. Then it is not necessary to enter each time /home/user/bin/EFF-1.4.2.
With the big respect, very much I hope for the answer!

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