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Since Sergey let me know Mail for Exchange on the N9 does not support client certificates for authorization - are there any options at all?

Unfortunately I don't have any other options for authorizing to our work servers, so this is a huge deal and I'm willing to try things.

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What if you run a reverse proxy server on the N9, configure it to authenticate with your client certificate, then point MfE at the proxy? I'm not sure if this would work for Exchange, and it's probably less than ideal security-wise, but it might just work.
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I have installed JavaSE and DavMail on my N9 to work around some MfE issues I was having, maybe a similar solution would help you.

I don't remember the threads, but there is one about how to get full JavaSE up and running, i think it was on FMG and then DavMail is fairly straight forward after that
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Thanks nbedford - I downloaded DavMail but each time the file is Corrupted. I'll keep plugging away.

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