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Originally Posted by patlak View Post
1.2 GHz is one of the factory supported frequencies. Stock range is 800-1200. It should be able to clock higher than 1.2GHz.
same soc as one in n9 clocks up to 1.3-1.4GHz max in motorolas(that is for stable, some go a bit higher but most are unstable then) so that is probably the max you can expect
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mmm makes you wonder why people are into open source stuff like Linux when they're so opposed to sharing, not the first time he's taken that viewpoint, but he made a good point I guess, you don't want to be the guy held responsible for frying other peoples phones, thoroughly testing an over clock would be quite the time commitment. At the same time though, anyone capable of flashing their phone knows they have to take responsibility for the risk they take doing it, same should apply for over clocking.
Weird thing I found with rafael2k's idea, which is really appealing since it could be done on stock kernels, this /dev/kmem that we're missing and hence is stopping that route, well the reason /dev/kmem has been removed from most Linux distributions is because it's potentially a major security hole, for root kits specifically.
Trust google to have such shoddy security eh.
We really just need someone capable of doing custom kernels that actually believes in open source principles to release a kernel.

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Ok I need to bounce this off of someone that actually knows about this stuff, I looked deeper at the milestone over clock that rafael2k found, well it turns out the app they made supports any android phone using Omap3, so the source code for the module itself is actually a collection of modules for other Omap3 phones as well, the one I'm taking interest in is the Droid X one since it also uses the 3630, now besides adjusting it to be loadable in our kernel, I'm wondering if it's just a matter of changing the two physical memory address's or any other minor tweaks and boom, right?
I think I'm game to test it.....
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If regarding to overclock stuff for milestone, here is another link that might have more info about the project

kabaldan (or nadlabak) is the well-known dev that makes our milestone's life extended for 2 years more (yes, my previous handset is milestone and it is still being used by me for some applications).

Hopefully the info from the link (and the links insides) could give more hints on how to overclock N9/N950 and improve the performance by overclocking the clock speed, undervolting voltage for saving more battery juice (too low voltage would cause bootloop though) and the governor stuff (seems the governor for N9 default as ondemand).

The overclock for milestone first appeared and installed as apps and then embedded into custom rom for flashing (stuff usually in /system/lib/modules and /system/etc/init.d).

Really looking forward to the overclock for N9/N950

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Hey so I decided to try this since nobody has released anything yet and with inception, aegisctl and PR1.2 sources available there is no reason to wait longer.
I won't release any binaries until it is confirmed working though, and it's not quite working yet. We have a stupid kernel version nobody else has so it's not quite as simple as just compiling some android module. I tried to start with the cleanest and most up-to-date one I could find at least.
To do this "my way" there is no reflashing, just install inception and the related tools, then you can insmod the two required kernel modules and use a sysfs interface to set the cpu speed.
If anyone knows c and wants to help, the source is here:
If you compile and insmod it you can set the rate but it doesn't actually "stick" as far as i can tell because if I set it to 1.2ghz and read it right away it's saying 1.0ghz. I have no clue where to ask for help with this stuff, as usual the meego forum is dead.
It's based on this one:

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For anyone who follows this thread and hasn't cottoned on as yet, you must, I repeat MUST check out this new thread

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