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Guys will this App really help us incase our phones get stolen? How does it really work? What if someone steals the phone and deactivates it? Cuz all U need to do is go in it deactivate?

And what if the GPS is switched off?

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Is this a request? Do you have the source code?

Alternatively, you could use one of the available apps available, eg SMSCON, assuming you're talking about the N900...

Of course, you could do it the man's way and just install a SSH server...
May the source be with you.

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No it's an included n9 app and I wouldn't depend on it.
My phone was dead and lost in a car so I sent a location request and lock request. I found the phone and charged it and it didn't bother to lock or send the location. It only worked when I sent yet another request after that. Maybe it broke in PR 1.2? They didn't respond to my support request in 24 hours so I'm not sure they care if it doesn't work.

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