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Is its possible to add double tap to unlock in N900 ? it's a nice feature. and will also helps to reduce over use of slide to unlock and power key to unlock device.

Is its possible ?

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I am surpised noone answered. I guess that is because it cannot be done.

Anyways, it is always nice to read more opinions.
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I have a feeling that resistive displays can't do that . If it works , would be a great idea .
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If you leave your N900 on long enough to have the screen shut off, you can tap the screen and it'll wake up again. It's definitely not in low power mode yet, but it looks like it's usable with some tweak, like a button or system plugin that only shuts off the screen but doesn't lock the device.
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You'd use up more battery I imagine, by having it idly waiting for any and all touches from the device. Also, I imagine with a resistive screen, you'd find that you 'double-tap' the phone a lot against the contents of your pockets, or even the inside of the pocket/holder that you have it in, as you go about your day. But there's no real technological reason why it should be impossible, I would think.

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