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Im about to get a nokia n900 for the first time and would like to know if you recomend get it, i now is a very good phone and is running maemo. im used to work in linux so the system is not an issue for me, the question is for the hardware is 3 years already since the phone was lunch. so please any comments
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its a great device. despite its old hardware its still running great and fluid thanks to this community. You can enjoy 4+ OS's on your N900. customize it like the way you want. install community updates. really a great device. you will never regret having it.
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Depends what you want it for. As a phone, there a better choices. For messaging (including online like twitter and AIM/ICQ/MSN) it's one of the best i've used. Durability wise the wear and tear doesn't affect it much, however the camera can break from dust/dirt, the stand is a bit flimsy and the USB port needs careful use.

The hardware (Stock) is pretty good. It may not be as big and flashy as modern day but the modern day need that sort of power for the OS. It gets the job done.

You will need to upgrade to PR 1.3 as soon as possible, and be careful about the app repositorys as they can make you need to reflash. CSSU is quite helpful, adds in a bunch of nifty features (transistions and such). However go with the stable version, theres not much need to the testing unless you want to risk it.

For over clocking theres 2 main kernels i believe (feel free to correct me if im wrong) however you don't really need them. They can help prolong battery life but so can lowering your brightness, or turning the phone off when you know you wont use it for the next hour or so.

All in all I would recommend, however you have to treat it with care. They are a dying breed and if broken nokia won't repair them. SO be careful.
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N900 is for geeks, some might say for abnormally normal people .hehe
best ever device produced on this earth ,there is nothing like it.

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Kernel Power 50 (Overclock) + CSSU = Instant win!

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Thanks for all the info, now i very sure of getting the n900. thanks all for you info

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N900 is not a good phone. It's a good everything else.

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It's a great device. Kbd is awesome, the only disadvantages are its size and weight and lack of commercial apps (preenv allows you to run some palm pre apps, I'm trying to run the hybrid apps).

PS. Do you know how can I fix "Refused to get unsafe header "X-JSON"" in Chromium? It stops hybrid apps from running in chromium (chrome). It happens only when the app wants to connect with a remote server. If we fix it, we may have more palm pre apps for our N900s! For more info visit the Palm WebOS on N900 thread
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thank u so much for this information. i have been using N900 since a year but i didnt knew any of these informative things. secondly i m not a power user(just a normal user who likes fun apps). recently i read some of memo threads and tried to install nitdroid but ended up in a big softare corrupt result. i had to contact nokia and my fone got fixed. i also tried extras testing and extras devel repos. but still i m facing problems like slow system and non responding apps. my photos are not saved in camra folder yet in the DCIM folder. microb is not properly working as many websites do not open fully including . adobe flash is also not working (adobe flash is only working with youtube website).
now , in the light of all above problems what should i do ?
1. reflash my N900 (let me tell u i dont know how to do that easily and not losing my fone forever)
2. how to install maemo + android (nitdroid) = dualboot

hope to see u here soon
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google is ur friend, and search box is upper right there, goodluck, once in a lifetime is for N900, noone can beat it, yeah its for geeks, but when u can handle it u will know why its priceless and unreplaceable, this is my best device ever(i imagine how it will be if we can upgrading N900 hardware)

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