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I just recently got myself an N9. (read noobie).

Most applications i open, come up in landscape mode. Like the browser/firefox/fbreader/Ionic Reader etc.,

Basically my screen doesnt seem to rotate. Though it works. Games with accel work.
Some of the apps start in portrait and switch over to landscape immediately.

Is there a way to switch these to portrait?

(searched for portrait in this section, but couldnt find anything relevant).

Thanks in advance for your help
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Actually, since the N9's home screen is portrait, the default layout for all applications launched from that screen is also portrait.

So the real question is: What have you installed on your N9 that would change this behavior? Maybe N9Tweak?

Find that and you'll find the way to fix your problem.
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Thanks for your reply.

My homescreen is portrait. So are contacts, dialer and few others.

Since i got this from ebay, i also did a clear-device.
But before the reset and after, browser etc., has always shown up in landscape.

I did install Home Screen and N9Tweaks(after seeing these are landscape), but havent set anything through these.
I will try to do another factory reset and maybe a f/w re-write.

Is there anything else i can try out?
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That's what I thought so, too, myself. Maybe you have installed something that makes some applications go into landscape mode. Or, if this was its behavior as soon as you got it, it was possibly tweaked by the previous owner. Was the phone bought brand new?
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Are you tilting it to the right(side buttons on bottom)? Try tilting it to the left. If you tilt it to the right with the side buttons now at the bottom, it will stay in portrait mode.

Edit: ignore I was reading too fast and thought you were locked in portrait mode not landscape, sorry

Whats weird is the firefox mobile determines the orientation directly from accelerometer instead of just getting the orientation from the Meego API, so I don't think most of the tweaks that can lock orientation can have any effect on firefox.

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I have since done a Comprehensive reflash of my device.
I now have a near factory firmware PR1.2.(singapore version 005)

Still no luck. Both browser and firefox launch and go over to landscape.

Also i tried 2 games in the ovi store: gool maze and Tilt N fun.
Both these only recognize top-bottom tilt motions..meaning lengthwise.Breadthwise(left right) tilt is not recognized.

Then i just whipped my phone hard and fast to the right/left and then there is just a slight deviation but the balls in the game return back to top-bottom alignment.

It is possible this could be a hardware issue. I am taking this to Nokia today.

Again, i checked this link:

Maybe sensitivity is an issue.

Has anyone had this with the APAC firmwares?

Generally how is the browser supposed to behave? Is it supposed to switch normally to portrait/landscape on normal tilt?
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The phone UI it self normally operates always on portrait mode, the landscape mode should only be trigger if only you use a tweak, or when using an application!!

Some application like the VIDEOS and the MUSIC... run always on portrait mode!!
And others like the browser and the terminal... should only change when you rotate the phone!!
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Sounds like something isn't right with your hardware...
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Apologies for reawakening a dormant thread. Thought may help someone.

I just got back my N9 from Nokia care. Lucky i insisted for the warranty card. Didnt have to pay anything.

I got to know that they have actually changed the motherboard inside.In fact even my imei has changed.

Didnt expect this given that the problem seemed rotation.

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