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but it's not just that. After gettin' used to swipe (you need at least 10 min. :-), you'll never won't go back.

edit: of course, you'll never go back!

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yep im pretty much addicted to swipe, which balances out the shortcomings for me (no keyboard, lack of fm transmitter, no skype video call (tho gtalk video suffices)). not sure i ever want to navigate a phone with buttons or lesser multi-tasking ever again.

that said, if you are a unix power user you should look hard at it before you decide, if that is an important aspect to you. that group seems to have the most (well-founded) issues with it in general.
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Open mode and other hacks are coming to bring the N900 openness back in our N9's though, and yes the 1GB of RAM is all physical
Well Nokia do at least know how to build a decent phone, just apparently don't know how to support it..

N900 Died Replaced with N8, Requested E7, "Accidentally Broke E7", Now rolling with an N9 and im loving it!

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am bidding on a phone now, 64gb,its on 310 so far :')

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