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I made a separate thread about the video player skipping a couple of frames every few seconds, but doesn't seem like people notice it. Anyway, video files do not play as smooth as they do when compared to PR 1.1. It's really subtle, but it is there. For the record, video files are all STANDARD DEFINITION. XVID, DivX, h.264, AVI. All suffer from the same stuttering problem. When using Open Video Player and/or KM Player, the stuttering vanishes, so that means there's something wrong with the stock video player.

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Accuweather has a strange bug. It updates ok on my N9 but when I put it into airplane mode and back on it refuses to update until I reboot.
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I have an issue with facebook feed in the news feed.
After each phone restart facebook feed appears in the news feed despite I disabled facebook account in accounts and disabled facebook feed in the notifications settings.
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As well as the usual problem where some SMS/Chat messages still come in and are assigned random details of contacts in my phone book (leading to an argument with my wife as i was replying to her about something I thought was from somebody else)..... there is my most 'Favourite' of favourite contacts that cannot hold onto it's favourite tag.

Again, I think my phone doesn't like my wife

A few improvements with PR1.2 but also not perfect and more to do so i hope Nokia honour their initial claim to keep supporting the OS.
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Another problem i have is the extraordinary long time it takes the microphone to activate when answering a call.

Sometimes it can take 5s or longer before the one calling me can hear anything and by that time they may even be close to hanging up.

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