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Per this thread:

I've been so happy with my N9, and had so little time to keep up my beloved N900 up to date, that I decided to sell it.

I didn't need the money, but the N900 is such an amazing device, I really wanted someone else to be able to enjoy it.

I even went to the trouble of deleting my personal data and media, while leaving the mods, installations, and enhancements in place so that the new owner would have them on day 1 for ease of use.

Then what did I do? like a damn fool, I put it on eBay. Where good intentions go to die.

It was bought, and immediately shipped out. The buyer emailed me that they received the phone. An hour later another email came in telling me that their SIM card does not fit and that the phone will be returned.

At first I politely replied that it's a full size standard unlocked SIM card slot with global frequency support. I told him that all standard SIMs should fit fine. I even told him that if he happened to have a micro SIM, then an adapter could be obtained for under a dollar in many places.

I also reminded him that the auction was marked as no returns accepted and that I would hold him to that fact specifically because there is nothing wrong with the Nokia.

He did not reply. He opened a complaint with eBay and reported that the item was not as described. Here is his thoughtful, articulate, and well penned explanation:


(mind you that this buyer is in the USA, so he's got no language barrier to explain his lack of understandable grammar)

And here's the kicker..... eBay immediately sided with him. Now I must wait for the phone to be returned to me and give him his money back.

Not that the money is a big deal. The phone went for under $200. But the only way his SIM wouldn't fit that I can think of is because he broke the SIM slot in an instance of stupidity. So I'm likely to get a broken phone back in the mail.

What can I do about it? Nothing. eBay tells me when I get the phone back I can re-list for free, but why? So they can side with the crooked buyer again?

BE WARNED!!!! eBay sucks...

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get your phone back, close your ebay and paypal.. and dont give anyone anything!! easy.. sell it on craiglist.

Some people just have to ruin it for everybody else... they probably just changed their mind after getting it and the phone is still good... still i wouldn't give them their money back.. F'em
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If I could avoid giving the piece of dirt his money back, I would. However PayPal has already taken the dollar amount out of my linked checking account.

I wish I knew that getting a PayPal account meant ceding control of your checking account to ebay....
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Ebay does suck indeed. They have failed to protect either party. See all those “NEW” N900's out there. Or the “genuine” parts for phones. Or the class 10 sd's. The hassle and cost to return an item is usually higher than ordering a new one and sellers know this offering crappy products. Ebay, instead of making it mandatory for the seller to pay return shipping they just impose strict rules and give absolute power to the buyer (sellers can't give feedback etc)

I am on a negative feedback spree...
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There is a chance that the buyer is trying to put the simcard into memorycard slot. He did not notice that sim card should go below the battery.

Of course microsim is also a possibility, but I'm sure that any carrier will exchange microsim with fullsize without any issues.
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I've found that eBay can be a good place as long as I follow the rules. They most likely did not care for the reason given as long as it did not conflict with a returns policy. They are highly unlikely to go into the specifics of the dispute and try and research the item you were trying to sell.

Often when you do not state a returns policy they side with the buyer in return disputes. In a way it's understandable that they would prefer to side with the buyer over the seller. If the buyer is left unhappy they are less likely to buy from eBay again it would hurt them and in turn any future sellers, further hurting them.

can I ask what you put for your returns policy?

I usually put a Time Limit and Postage and packaging charges. That way even if the buyer returns it for whatever reason I'm not out of pocket at all, so I'm happy and the buyer is usually happy.
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Originally Posted by Cue View Post
can I ask what you put for your returns policy?.

Yeah, that's the real stinker. I put the auction down clearly as no returns or exchanges accepted. But the buyer used a fraudulent "item not as described" claim as a backdoor return policy when they realized they didn't know how to use what they just bought.

Anyway, I got the phone back and it appears in perfect shape. Really makes me wonder why the original buyer went through with the bidding and subsequent return hassle in the first place.

I'm giving the auction on eBay one more time, but this time I really hope that someone who deserves an N900 wins it.
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Good luck with your second listing.

I've had mostly good sales and purchases on eBay but it only takes one tosser - and there are plenty - to send your 100% feedback to the sh_tter
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well if he's as stupid as he sounds he could have a microsim?
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Originally Posted by m4r0v3r View Post
well if he's as stupid as he sounds he could have a microsim?
He could have taken it out of his iPad or iPhone.
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