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Originally Posted by vitaminj View Post
They're not instant push notifications, as you might expect, they'll just pop up when it regularly checks, so they could be as much as 30m later, and won't pop up if you've already been into the app and read them.
Actually, strangely enough there's been a couple of times where the notification shows up even though I've already read the mention in Twitter. Anyway, the idea of push notifications is supposed to be that they're instant and don't require polling... kind of like push email. So I don't really know what to call these notifications
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Originally Posted by zlatko View Post
My Twitter app was working normally after PR1.2 update, just had to enter my password anew to grant access to Nokia N9 client. But Twitter notifications are not working. Yesterday I deleted Twitter account and then created it again - still no go.
Do not want to clear device for such a small glitch though.

Well then my friend, you're stuck with not using Twitter.
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I have Twitter normally working, only notifications on LPM, lock screen and event feed not showing.
Actually today it was resolved - I had an mention notification on my device
Only deleting/recreating account worked for me.
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Twitter is working normally for me, but Facebook doesn't update itself automatically only once after reboot.

Could you set up any refresh interval time for Twitter and Facebook update?
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I keep having this issue as well, but for me the Facebook part is working and Twitter isn't.
I already did a complete reinstall of the firmware, so that's not helping. Also removed my Twitter account and added it again. Didn't helpe either.

Even stranger, the Twitter notification does work in one situation: after a reboot. And then only once.
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I've never got twitter notification as of yet. It just gets updated in Notification window every refresh. Facebook notification only comes through to N9 if I manually refresh Feeds in the Notification window making this whole push notification useless...
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pr1.3 here
and no twitter notifications.

I only got once a direct message notification when I deleted
the twitter account from the phone and created it again. But after this
one time, I didn't get any notification again.

Tweets in the Feed screen are updated successfully though.

Has anyone found anything to resolve this issue?
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Same problem here. I never got one single twitter notification. Yes,
they are turned on.

No solution yet?

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