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apt-get purge account-plugin-facebook and
apt-get purge account-plugin-google,
that's what I had done. A bit later on there were offered 2 updates, for MeeCast and BTinput Terminal. I agreed to both. The phone announced, that conflicting apps would have to be removed. I accepted that too. The update process started, but did not come to an end. I still could switch the phone off, but it was impossible to reboot it anymore. I had to cold flash the dumb thing. Luckily this process was easy enough and ran quick. So:

1. Be forewarned: Big Brothers Google and Facebook will not allow such a bad behavior, as I attempted. They even control your N9.

2. If you have that idle-battery-draining-problem, flash your phone!

3. If you have the "Can't delete. Application does not exist" problem, flash your phone!

Special thanks go to the Big Broths for guiding me back on the right path and make me solve the major problems with my N9.

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You're not the first one to fall for this...

It indeed is ridiculous not to be able to remove unwanted stuff, especially when it concerns privacy-destroying apps. And by proxy I don't trust Facebook/Google-apps either.
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I was not aware of that posting. It's exactly my problem. I just hope, Ubuntu ARM will soon be usable for non-hackers.

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