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So, my N900 was broken for like a year or more. Now I've finally fixed it and it's working like a new one. Now I'd like to know what next? This maemo scene has been going forward so fast in a year that I don't know what next? I'd like to overclock it, use maybe PSX emu and so on.

So... If you had a "new" n900 what you would do to it? I don't know a **** about kernels so I'd like to know which one is best and why?


(Sorry if this is a wrong category, I don't really know where to put this kind of thread)
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If you want to OC i would install power kernel. Afaik v49 is the newest stable release and the newest release is v50.
I'm not to sure about other stuff as I'm nit keeping up with N900 dev anymore, haven't really for the last year or so, though i still use it for small stuff. I just don't mod it anymore.

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