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Originally Posted by misterc View Post
«Plan B is Plan A»
dixit Flop

but behind his back, there are a lot of plan Bs, included but not limited to...[list] Symbian as bread & butter platform... well, more butter then bread, maybe )
Is there a difference between the bread and butter? bread more important than butter? They can choose jam or peanut butter instead? ;
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Originally Posted by cddiede View Post
LOL, your right. My last few posts have been awfully negative.

It's just that Nokia has broken my god damned heart...
I know that it's unlikely what we will see 2 Meego phones, but you never know. I will just hope that we do and Meego gets further support. If not then i'll just rely on this amazing community.
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maybe a way to tell Flop
«hey man, time for you to leave...»
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I am pretty sure that Mr. Elop is dropping platforms to focus on Win7 and that is their primary premium class focus, while S40 is budget focus. Everything else will be shut. I can not see why Nokia would close bugs tracker and still plan to use MeeGo.
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i cannot imagine those meltemi phones to have lower specs than wp tango. From what we know wp8 is gonna get the same core as win8, so maybe wp is a dead end and will be replaced by meltemi and win8/wp8.
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N960 with Maemo 7 OS
3.9in Super-Amoled CBD
slide out keyboard
12mpx camera
1.0ghz CPU

I hope ^this^ will be 'low-end' by the time these phones get released.
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Originally Posted by automagic68 View Post
N960 with Maemo 7 OS
3.9in Super-Amoled CBD
slide out keyboard
12mpx camera
1.0ghz CPU
Matters on the amount of RAM, that's hitting on the lower end of smartphones now.
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