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I recently got my N800 out of the toy box, thinking of a potential task for it, and was reminded why it got put away in the first place: it had become unstable, the result I suspect of various experiments in software.

No problem, I thought, just flash the OS it and make it like new. Except I can't seem to get the subject website give me the file... or rather, my Firefox complains of "Corrupted Content" and refuses to download. Chrome is more helpful, it tells me that there is a server misconfiguration, it is sending duplicate headers, and only the webmaster can fix it.

(I know just enough to be dangerous, but a wget on the URL just gives me a fresh copy of the Software Authentication page, as there are no cookies in a shell session.)

This was several days ago, I sent an inquiry to, and got daily notices that the host was refusing to accept mail. <sigh>

Does anyone have suggestions for me?
Or more to the point, a good copy of [RX-34_DIABLO_5.2008.43-7_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin]?


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Sadly, the server pointed to by bergfiles no longer has it. Happily, I remebered that I had done this before, and a search of an old hard drive turned it up, along with the flasher program.

So while my small issue may be solved, the bigger and sadder issue is Nokia's lack of support.

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I have the same problem, not able to download the latest N800 firmware from different places with different browsers.

Will try to get it somehow.
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Both the latest Firefox and Chrome have pretty draconian rules on multiple content disposition headers, which is my guess is the problem on the nokia server. Someone could try to get Nokia to update their setup.

You can use older browsers or less draconian browsers to get the files. On Linux I use epiphany to get the files, which worked fine. On windows you could try IE 9 which works for me as well.

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Konqueror also doesn't mind the duplicate headers.

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