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Ouch! Hook line and sinker.
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This joke is not trustable even on a normal day .
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haha ya cheeky bugger.
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Ah you bastard. I was hoping the topic was older then today. Now I still don't know what phone to buy after this one
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Nice oNe!

I can see you have been busy dreaming too
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Originally Posted by don_falcone View Post
This isn't funny you pr*ck, because it's a sensible topic, for many people! Having good times jerking off to this, won't ya? Bloody hell.
Haaaa! it was a great prank for a start, multiplied tenfold by you getting so upset by it..

Hey, what's that on your tie? *DONK* Waaaaahaahahahahhahah! SUCKER!

(I'm actually kind of glad it's a joke, i've got my mind set on a galaxy note, or an s2 if that's too big, or maybe the htc one x - i don't need anoher phone confusing matters..)
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So not funny...

Nokia should have released the N950, it is a great looking device running a great operating system! I guess they were/are too busy losing market share hand over fist to want our money...
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Just a quick question:

Would you buy the Nokia N9S (in first page) if it was available?
(you wont have all the necessary apps, but the browser and multitasker would be superior to ICS and there would a *hope* of Alien Dalvik/dualboot)
Originally Posted by mscion View Post
I vote that Kangal replace Elop!
The Following 5 Users Say Thank You to mscion For This Useful Post

I'm flattered
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I think I'm on record elsewhere as having essentially said that if an N9S-style device came out, I'd buy two on day 1.
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ah, **** that.. 1st april posts should be deleted...

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