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Cause: Multiple NITdroid installations, partitions which I can't see anymore on Emmc, reflashing of the phone multiple times, noobish experience.

I have read and read numerous pages and tried reflashing multiple times using 3.5 flasher on a WinXp machine to the point where the last time I flashed it resulted in the phone having no more memory to install applications on the internal memory. I have an external SD card but I can't find a thread that will help me extend/replace/fool the OS into letting me install applications there so that I can install rootsh, and fdisk and redo my partitions. I need serious help. Frankly I'm tired of reading, trying, and failing. No one else to blame but myself so help to at least get me back to a point where I can erase all partitions and reformat eMMC to stock specs and then I can reflash the phone to get all my memory back. Please help.
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Just flash eMMC and rootfs, you will loose everything but you get the software like it was when you bought.

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If you remove everything that is possible from HAM, the installers and stuff, you should be able to install the necessary tools to correct the partitions and try to flash the device back to a workable state.
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a full reflash ie fiasco and emmc and repartitions everything i did it last week
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@mr_pingu- I also read that thread and that's how I learned how to flash my phone. I'm assuming you are telling me to follow the manual instructions on flashing the FIASCO then Vanilla.

@michaaa62- Please define for me what HAM is. Can you link me to a thread referring to this process?

m4r0v3r- I assume to follow the instructions in the link defined by mr_pingu?

Issue I'm having now is getting flasher to work from within Win 7. I'm installing virtual box and going to try to run this from Win xp as I've had success doing this from there. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for taking the time. In any responses can you please provide links to your suggestions. It will be helpful to me as so I don't mess this up any further.
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It took me 2 hours to get the set up going however after attempting this on a Virtualized Winxp box on top of a Win 7 box, I ended up getting this to work on a Ubuntu Live cd. I now have my 30G partition back by reflashing the emmc. I flashed the vanilla first and then the combined image. Even though I read thru that thread my misunderstanding was the type of flashing there was. Vanilla vs Fiasco/combined. Thank you all for your help as I learned alot about the filesystem thru this fiasco (no pun intended).

On a side note, (I haven't learned my lesson yet). Is there a solid NITdroid installation document which I can follow to get this going on my device? I want to see what all the hype is about.
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Sorry for the confusion, i assumed you have heard of Hildon Application Manager (HAM) by now, if you installed something like NITdroid on the N900.
The most solid way of installation is the manual installation, because the installer is not working always fine, but as it is just a script you might use it for a manual install like this but make sure to have the files ready and the installer installed, even if you will not use it. Read some pages before and after the install steps to get some clues about the procedure

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