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Yeah for that popup, if during playback if the orientation changes to portrait then back to landscape the "pop up" will be stuck there every time, at least until you click back then return to now playing, I changed the settings on mine to lock orientation during playback so that it can't reoccur.
I can't say I've delt with a crash yet but that hang issue I've noticed, but for me it's only when I close OVP that on the odd occasion it hangs in the background, for which a quick "killall openvideoplayer" in the terminal will remedy instead of rebooting.
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Originally Posted by DarkSkies View Post
There's certainly something up with 0.0.4 on PR1.2. Something the player simply crashes and they hangs up in the background. Something during playing a video the pop-up menu hangs and is stuck only half-hidden. In such case after closing the player it also remains stuck in the background.

Finally, sometimes playback is okay and OVP seems to work okay, but after closing it keeps running or at least hanging in the background blocking e.g. USB access to MyDocs.

Note that any "sometimes" can mean here a few days or few hours. I was using the player for a few days without any issue and then it hanged up on me 3 times in a row on another day, so its random.
I'm experiencing the same problems as you. It will also not open a video at the last position played. (Not sure if this is a feature before). OVP also seems to chew up battery much faster than the stock video player. It looks like 0.0.4 doesn't work well with PR1.2 and I had to reluctantly uninstall it.
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i am PR1.2 , i have never install v0.0.2, just install v0.0.4
so video could be played, but when i play the 854x480 mp4 video the OVP close itself, but the same file could be played on the original player. is it really the OVP using the same decoding with the original player?, because i expect that the video not smooth playing on the orignial player could be played smoothly in the OVP
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There's definitely something different in the way it's been implemented, like how it's displayed for example.
It's really hard to give any solid answers though as the default video player isn't open source, we simply don't have the source code available to study and compare.
Generally you'll find the default player looks better and is smoother for playback, when I watch a movie with the expectation of the best display quality available I tend to use the default player, when I want to be able to do stuff in the background or lock my phone and keep listening, for documentaries etc, I use OVP.
I personally consider OVP as a companion to the default player as opposed to a full replacement.
It's unreasonable to expect anything from software that's built in a developers spare time and released for free, essentially as a gesture of goodwill.
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there is a problem with my OVP. sometype of video.
everything about the coding is the same but
one is 740x480
and the other is 854x480,
the 740x480 can play but the 854x480 not.
the OVP will close automatically. i dont know what different
(even 853x479)
so actually, what type of codec is the best for N9?
size must be 854x480,
how about bit/s?frame rate?and audio is 48kHz or something? and ACC or MP3?, there is too many questions.
i get a 64GB N9 for watching video, so that is my main concern problem.
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Safe to say 720p files, esp mkv cannot play on N9.
Xvid and 480p mkv can be played.
Some of my youtube videos could play on OVP before 1.2 but now cannot be played. It can play on the stock player
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Updated links to the .deb and source files.
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Bitrate must not pass 2000 mbs or N9 wont play it..
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First of all, a big thanks for this video player including nice features.

I don't know if this is the right place for features request, but here is my wish-list :
-Video bookmark (resuming video where you stopped playing)
-DLNA (aka UPnP)
-RTSP / RTP / UDP support
-Apple HLS*
-Microsoft SmoothStreaming*

*I'm going to start working on this part, as I get informations and tools to test it. If someone interessed, please contact me
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is there any way to change encoding for subtitles ?

more features, video player

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