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MWKN Weekly News: 2 April 2012

Maemo Community Council elections: nomination period extended

The Maemo Community Council election nominations have been extended for an extra week. If enough interested candidates come forward during the extension the voting will be extended another week as well. Anyone interested in running is encouraged to come forward on the mailing list to express their candidacy.

At the time of writing, RM Bauer claims there have been three nominations, but none of them has accepted it on the maemo-community list.
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Nokia "working on two new low end MeeGo smartphones"

Last week the Internet was set a twittering with the report, via NetbookNews, that
according to an industry insider Nokia is working on 2 new low end MeeGo handsets, and information was recieved directly from Nokia’s Next Billion Group.
This is, almost certainly, referring to "Meltemi": Nokia's not-so-secret-now project to replace the aging S40 on their low-end devices with a Qt+Linux platform. Ideally, this new platform would have binary compatibility with Harmattan so that Harmattan apps would run on Meltemi, and vice versa. This would give an enormous boost to the Qt ecosystem: a "superphone" in the form of the N9 and a range of "little sisters" running Meltemi. Combined with smartphones running Symbian and a push to standardise Qt Components across Symbian & Linux, this could reinvigorate Nokia's cross-platform and next billion strategies.

Unfortunately, the article itself repeats many "well known facts" about Harmattan, including its ability to run Android applications. Myriad may have demoed Alien Dalvik on video, to try and entice OEMs, but this is a long way from an end-user being able to run Angry Birds Space.
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In this edition...
  1. Front Page
    • Maemo Community Council elections: nomination period extended
    • Nokia "working on two new low end MeeGo smartphones"
  2. Applications
    • gPodder updated to 3.1.0 for N950 and N9
    • get_iplayer works on N9
  3. Development
    • Maliit Keyboard: Word suggestions and error correction
    • Testing requirement for Harmattan PR1.0 removed from N9 Nokia Store
  4. Community
    • - a fragmentation too far?
  5. Devices
    • USB audio on N900
  6. Announcements
    • ZoneMinder on Nokia N9
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Thanks for the extra publicity on my current pet project Andrew!
We'll see if it reels the big fish in :-)
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