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It seems to have a Tegra 3 SoC inside.
Which means, if tradition follows, the OMAP chip inside the Galaxy Nexus or some new Exynos chip inside the supposed Galaxy S3 would perform on par, if not blow it out of the water.

It also looks like your traditional HTC stuff - unibody, Sense, 8MP sensor, high numbers in the spec sheet, the works.

I'll pass on this one.
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Too big of a screen for a phone for me. N9 screen and design is the perfect.
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The benchmarks i've seen for the htc one x seem impressive compared to the galaxy sII and the note, wondering whether they'll convert to noticeable performance gains in general use. Also, with the whole ubuntu on android aspect, i'm thinking that maybe the faster processor will really come into its own....
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The American version is going to have snapdragon dual core over the Tegra quad core. The One S outperforms the One X with its qualcomm dual core btw. Goes to show Android is not optimised to running on quad cores yet....probably won't be by 3rd party devs either for the most part.

The One X seriously has my attention as well, that SLCD screen I heard is the best screen on a handheld phone period. Accurate colours, superb angles and daylight performance. Pretty much perfect. I've always preferred LCDs to amoled due it's more natural colour reproduction and less overdone saturation that you see in SAmoled
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No USB OTG right now either, and no guarantee that it will ever arrive...

Samsung Galaxy S3 now officially to be unveiled on the 3rd of May... I think I'm going to wait...!.html

For me right now it's a choice between the Galaxy Note, the One X, and then holding out to see the Galaxy S3.. I do like the big old note form factor and and stylus, but worried that I'll get fed up of its physical size and wish i had more power instead...
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Seems good overall, if it wasn't for the Galaxy S3 coming out I'd definitely be choosing between the One X or the note. Like I say, once that's out in the wild I'll be choosing between the note and whichever of the Galaxy or HTC one X is the best..

Right now I can't see the whole quad core aspect, even if benchmarks prove it to be faster, making a massive impact on day to day use (with some people even citing the Note to be a smoother overall experience), but with Ubuntu now available for Android, and indeed the idea of having a computer that you dock for home use and use in phone form whilst out and about, it makes sense to go for the most powerful device possible...

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