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I received my unit today and I'll be setting it up, so far it seems to ignore the N900 as a "tetherable" device although I can use it with all of my laptops.

We shall see what hackery is needed for this...
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Well I had some success by starting the bluetooth on both devices, then "warming up" the internet connection by either firing a browser to load a page or starting mobile hot spot (not actually using through mobile hotspot's wifi) and then 7 out of 10 connections are with success.
Seems like the browser/mobile hotspot do something with the 3g connection so I can then use tethering but I am not sure what .
Hope this helps a bit.

Just to be clear this is through tethering not mobile hotspot.

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Know this isn't exactly an active thread but with the excellent BlackBerry playbook now very competatively priced I suspect there will be a few more N900 owners who have one and may run into the tethering issue.

Though I was able to pair my N900 as a bluetooth device I was then unable to tether it for internet connection sharing (Vodafone UK contract). Tried using Mobile HotSpot / QT Mobile Hotspot with no success. In the end the fix was extremely simple as I'd neglected to install Bluetooth DUNS first

Really enjoying the Playbook so far but I am by no means a Blackberry fanboy - I "upgraded" to a Torch 9810 in order to be able to use Blackberry bridge on Friday, the phone is so cheap and nasty that I'm delighted to be returning it and putting my SIM back into the N900 where it belongs.
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Originally Posted by thevero View Post
all you need to do is first make sure your playbook is updated to
make sure bluetooth is turned on, check both devices.
pair the n900 to the playbook
then click on internet tethering and select the n900 to connect...

worked for me!! let me know if you need more details
my cant connect with internet tethering . i need help
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same problem here (also on os 2).

the list of bluetooth services on the playbook shows that the n900 supports internet tethering (not in bold font like the audio/video remote service) but under internet tethering the playbook just says there are no bluetooth devices that support tethering.
any thoughts on this?
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hah...getting closer

the problem is (at least it was for me) that the n900 doesn't identify itself as a "phone", rather it identifies itself as "other", see

when i run this as root

stop bluetoothd
rm /var/lib/bluetooth/*/config
start bluetoothd
start bluetooth-dun

i can get the playbook the recognize my n900 as a phone and then use the tethering screen to connect =)
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How I got it to work:
Installed bluetooth dun
From terminal/sudo, ran "hciconfig hci0 class 0x51020c" to change N900 to a "phone" instead of a "computer"
Paired the devices (Playbook saw N900 as a phone)
Now Internet Tethering from Playbook shows N900 as an available device.

Once they're paired, the Playbook still sees the N900 as a phone, even if you reboot either device and the N900's ID reverts. I guess it only determines capabilities/profiles during initial pairing?

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