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Not sure how many people were aware of existance of this man.
Shareware cracking 'hacker' was his main domain at start, he then went on to creating an uber-awesome webpage -
As this webpage is a testing ground for what is currently called googlefu (you used to have to fu at least few search engines to find your way around it fully - he was a college professor in the end), there is also a thing to learn from this person for maemo community.
His analysis of deepweb, articles about source-verifying, techniques of knowledge gathering are still relevant. What is more relevant for this community in my opinion is the ethics of this guy. No ads on his page. Information is free for people who know how to look for it. Tutorials to share the knowledge for anyone interested (if that anyone spends some time reading with comprehension, sadly most tricks are bit out of date). But most interesting thing for me seems the fact that once you have the tools, it is only your skill/determination to find the answer...
and back to reverse engineering: There are many members in this community who would like to see things like FREE-mantle become reality. People work on awesome projects like KP/CSSU. As this forum is THE golden source for information regarding maemo, we should start a reveng board/tutorial/intro in my opinion. Considering the amount of closed source packages, providing the tools for community to break those open is the key. I doubt there will be many left in a few years from now (I assume learning assembler and then reverse engineering takes few years minimum), but with Nokia giving us a gift of no replacement, who knows... Maybe crash course of ARM assembly and then disassembly is the way?

tl;dr: 45 years old guy cracking shareware(history professor) revolutionized (for some) view of interwebs and moved on to high-level analysis of internet and search engines/techniques, something could use

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