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Originally Posted by mzanetti View Post
coding something like this is a hell lot of work and most likely involves violating a bunch of patents or copyright restrictions. Besides, I for one dont think it would hurt google, but rather advertise android.

just out of curiosity, what are those uber cool apps ind the android market place you are missing on the N9? I only use 5 to 10 apps on a frequent basis and am pretty satisfied with what th meego store offers. Is it really about some particular apps or just about killing time by installing every possible piece of code out there and testing it once?
I agree with you , but an android apps emulator would bring the n9 to a whole new level .
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I am curious to know which android apps would you use ?
and if rebooting to android would support those apk ...

Please help to list all maemo existing apps :

I am looking for " 4 inch TFT LCD display screen " for Nokia n950 HandSet

Also, I need online storage to archive files :
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Right now, its better to forget about myriad's Alien Dalvik and focus on dualbooting ICS on the N9.

But there might not be a need for it afterall, I just discovered something recently.

Android is maturing fast and slowly offering the things linux users want. They are also changing the aosp kernel each interval and adding things from the mainline (linux) kernel.
Linux is maturing too (its pretty mature already) and they're beginning to incorporate things found in Android. I'm not saying wait for android as it will support linux, that's like waiting on a cliff for another continent to collide with yours so you can cross it.

Nevertheless the gap is slowly decreasing.
There's a project called the AML (Android Mainling Project) and they are actively progressing with their checkpoints. This project aims to create a "hybrid android kernel" with linux kernel implementations. Basically meaning a linux kernel with android features, so both platforms are crudely supported.

There's another project which has been on-hold for sometime. There is a lot of interest in it, but nothing quite getting done due to some issues. It's called Necesitas, and its a project that's trying to port the Qt framework to Android. Now we've seen how Qt (simplified C++ language) behaves with Linux (Maemo 5, 6, MeeGo, KDE, PlasmaActive etc) behaves wonderfully.

Now I want you to imagine this.
AML + Necesitas = what you end up with is compatibility with native linux code (will need some light re-writing) and compatibility with Qt-based Apps (basically anything C++ with quick revision, or anything made for Symbian/Mae5/6/MeeGo etc etc).

In short,
AML + Necesitas= AWESOME =MeeGo + Dalvik

For analogy sake;
Dualbooting ICS / Having two separate phones is like having a teleporter between both continents.
You can easily do linux or android, but you cannot do both of them (rebooting your phone).

VNC-linux (on Android device) is like having a slow sailboat to cross the sea.
AML (alone) is like crossing a long wooden bridge on a motorbike.
AML and Necesitas is like crossing a long concrete bridge with a racing car.
MeeGo and Dalvik is like flying over the sea on a small plane.
Originally Posted by mscion View Post
I vote that Kangal replace Elop!
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I'm flattered

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meh all you really need to do is take java SE and code in the functions Android brings to the table so that when an application calls it is there, am guessing there will be a lot though, also a way to use apks, some form of one click install that would make everything better maybe I could pass my exams next week on formal foundations and do this, first maybe I graduate in two years so just hang on.
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Originally Posted by View Post
I am curious to know which android apps would you use ?
The only thing I'm missing in Harmattan so far is MobileOrg. But boy, I miss it badly.

So I take it from this thread that I can forget about running any apk on my N9 and move on, right?

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it's opensource so can be adapted isnt ?
Please help to list all maemo existing apps :

I am looking for " 4 inch TFT LCD display screen " for Nokia n950 HandSet

Also, I need online storage to archive files :

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Well, dual-booting is no good way out. Do you really want to reboot each time you want to use <...> app? If we could run Android apps in a chroot, as Easy Debian does...
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check liar work at chrooting android under harmattan and continue it. liar left harmattan, btw.
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He left? I thought I saw some posts by him a couple days/weeks ago about working on a harmattan port for some apps ?
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