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Originally Posted by danramos View Post
But we were clearly and repeatedly told that Maemo 5 was MORE open-source than Maemo 4
Nah, that was debunked. Though at the end of the day the relative "openness" isn't that important. They were both just closed enough to make it impossible to move forward.

Originally Posted by Kangal View Post
Maemo 4 was outstanding for its era.
Maemo 4 and the N8x0s are still outstanding in my book, no other device since (and it's been over 5 years already) even came close. It will be a very sad day when my last one dies :-(

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Do we have chinese members in TMO community? If we could somehow break the language barrier there seem to be quite a few maemo-knowledgable developers in there, doubt is firewalled. As maemo idea is viral (not in mass-media sense, in infectious disease sense, once you get it, hard to drop, maybe addiction is better word) pretty sure guys who worked on it still have interest in the platform. Inviting them here could have good results (just shoot grammar nazis on sight)

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closed minded, danrantos, winding down

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